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Difference between Assurance & Auditing

Assessing the "Fairness and Trustiness" related to a company's financial statements and/or accounting statements; is known as the process of Auditing. Whereas assurance is a process, which helps in getting the information about any loopholes that exists within the records of the company; compared to what is/was practically implemented on ground. Auditing is a part of assurance service. Assurance services helps a professional to review and check about any errors in the company’s records. If the reviewer detects any loopholes or doubts during the assurance process, the matter is thereafter sent to an auditor. The auditor then performs an audit process with an objective to check the fairness and truth that exists within the companies records. This auditing is carried out on the basis of reviewer’s report; that is the report of a person who was responsible for carrying out the assurance process. This explanation hopefully clears the confusion and clarifies about the major difference between Auditing and Assurance.

How to Choose an Auditor?

  • We assign highly experienced and qualified staff for your company. Benefit: you will never have to teach new auditors with details about your business every year.
  • Our research team gathers industry knowledge from top level resources and through market research. Benefit: This helps us in identifying the targeted issues that are significantly related to your business.
  • We maintain a visible transparency with our clients. Benefit: A transparent presence helps in minimizing the disruptions. It also helps in utilizing your employees’ time effectively and efficiently.
  • Other Benefit: We share the information related to new industry requirements and best practices with our clients. We also help in assessing your company’s performance on timely basis. Our team also shows you the path to evaluate and enhance your business; while meeting both; internal and external expectations of your customers.

Benefits of Auditing & Assurance at PSD Advisory Service

The professionally qualified and highly experienced network of Auditing and Assurance are always connected with PSD Advisory Service. Enterprise Risk Services Professionals working at our company delivers a wide range of audit and advisory services. PSD Advisory Service assists clients in achieving their business objectives, managing their risk and improving their business performance. We also provide the accounting and bookkeeping services to companies located in any corner of world. Our services are delivered online via internet to a large amount of client base across the world. Quality is the cornerstone of every task that we undertake at PSD Advisory Service. PSD is the foundation upon which our company was built before several years. Thus, quality is the very essence of our company’s auditing and assurance practice. We at PSD Advisory Service are committed to deliver high-quality assurance and audit services. Delivery of quality services at an affordable price and rapid speed; is at the heart of what we offer to our clients. We provide comprehensive auditing services and not just the basic stuff. Our assurance services are designed to deliver real value to our clients. Our services help our company in underpinning the confidence of our clients. PSD Advisory Team gratefully invites you to explore the multiple methods and techniques offered by our qualified and multi-skilled professionals. For further assistance or information, just give a call back at our company. Our support team will connect you to the concerned and authorized specialist, who in turn can help you at various levels; regardless of whether your requirement is simple or complex in nature. PSD Advisory Service offers internal audit services that can help a company to reduce its business risk exposures and shall contribute to your organization's performance goals.

Auditing & Assurance - A Complete and Systematic Process of Detecting Loopholes in Company Records.