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It has been observed that many people who operate business are unaware of government rules related to registration of their businesses. They simply operate the unregistered business, without realizing the after-effects that could potentially harm their business in long run; especially when the company enters into growth stage. In order to operate any business in India, the services of these professionals are required. From business registration to GST registration to accounting to auditing, and much more; PSD Advisory Service has a team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced professionals. We provide every service from top to bottom, without you worrying about any kind of legal hassles involved in the entire process.
Why Hire PSD Advisory Service?
There are numerous agents who deliver Gumastadhara services separately, but when your business requires accounting services, you will have to find an Accountant. Similarly, in order to conduct auditing and prepare an audit report for your company, you will have to search for an Auditor. When you want to gain tax benefits and/or tax rebates offered by various governments, you will have to hire a Taxation Professional. In short, it’s a very time consuming and expensive process. Apart from these, it’s a tedious task to remember a large list of clauses, sections, acts, rules, regulations, etc. A Professional Lawyer who knows every fact related to legal matters; is the correct option for you and your business. The primary objective of PSD Advisory Service is to reduce all this stress for their clients. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your business related needs whether it’s about Business Registration(Gumastadhara), Legal Services, Account Services, Auditing Services or Taxation Services. This is one of the primary reasons why PSD Advisory Service is a perfect and first choice of more than 3800+ firms. Our goal is to extend our client base to 10000+ by end of 2017. Second reason why you should hire us for your business related requirements is that, our company provides you with a package that is a perfect balance between Quality Services at the Most Affordable Cost. These are the two most important factors that affect every client. So, the expert team employed at PSD Advisory Service takes care about maintaining that balance. Pre-Sales and Post-Sales are both taken care appropriately for all our clients. PSD Advisory Service has a track record of ‘NO COMPLAINTS’ about our customer service and/or on-demand support. Third reason to outsource your business related requirements to PSD Advisory is that, every task that our team undertakes is completed on time. Our network is excellent at all levels regardless of whether it’s a matter related to State Government or Central Government. This network and reputation of PSD Advisory Service helps our company in achieving success for our clients, and that too within a specific and reasonable amount of timeframe. The professionals working at our company are very well aware of your time and the value of your business. We assure you about maintaining that value of your company.
A Brand in Town
With more than 3800+ clients, our company has almost created a positive brand name in the town. That’s one of the largest reasons why our clients suggest and refer Speed, Quality and Affordability are three most important pillars of our company. It’s these three pillars, which help us in maintaining our reputation and brand name amongst our clientele.
When Cared, Handled & Managed Effectively; Contributes to Growth of Business


GST is a tax on goods and services with comprehensive and continuous chain of set­off benefits from the Producer’s point and Service provider’s point Upto the retailer level. It is essentially a tax only on value addition at each stage and a supplier at each stage is permitted to set off through a tax credit mechanism.

We offer our services for meeting the registration & renewal requirements under Bombay Shops & Commercial Establishment Act, 1948 as applicable to the State of Maharashtra and for regulating conditions of work as well as employment in shops, residential hotels, commercial establishments, restaurants, theatres, eating houses and other places of public entertainment & other establishments.

Personal Financial Planning and wealth Management is an integral process and goes side by side. Both of these revolve around all the areas of Finance like Income, Expenses, Assets and Liabilities. We take a Holistic view of your finances and design a comprehensive plan for you to achieve your Long and short Term goals.


Our purpose is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients and associates. Our employees aim to provide clients with a globally consistent set of Multidisciplinary tax, accounting & auditing and Management Consultancy Services, based on industry specific Knowledge, rendering all services under one roof.


Our mission is to provide satisfactory solutions to problems rather than creating doubts, dilemma and fear with continuously sharpening & refining our skills to serve our clients with better quality, where professionalism is always a priority.

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Date Act/Tax Obligation Form Number Assessee Type
6th Service Tax Payment of Service Tax for the month of April 6th – For e-payment GAR-7 Except Proprietary concerns and Firms
5/6th Excise Duty Payment of Excise Duty for the month of April 5th – For Regular Payment 6th – For e-payment GAR-7 For Non-SSI Assessees
7th Income Tax Act Deposit of TDS/TCS deducted in the month of April ITNS 281 All Deductors
7th Income Tax Act Filing form received in the month of April 15H/ 15G All
10th Excise Return Filing of Excise Return for the month of Apri ER-1 Assessees other than those availing SSI concession
10th Excise Return Filing of Excise Return by EOU units for the month of April. ER-2 EOU- Units
10th Excise Return Filing of monthly return of receipt and consumption of each of Principal Inputs declared in ER-5 for the month of April ER-6 Assessees required to submit ER-5.
12th ESIC Filing of ESIC Return of Contribution for the contribution period ended 31st March Form 5 All Employers
15th Professional Tax (Gujarat State) Last date for payment of professional tax for the month of April and also filing return for the month of April Form 5 For every employer having more than 20 employees.
15th Employees Provident Fund Deposit of EPF deducted in the month of April - All employers to whom it is applicable
15th Income Tax Act/ TCS/TDS Filing of quarterly TCS/TDS Returns for the quarter ending March 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ All Deductors and Collectors
21st ESIC ESIC payments for the month of April - All
22nd GVAT Last date for payment of GVAT/CST for the month of April 207
25th Employees Provident Fund Filing of P.F. Return for the month of April Form 5/10/12A All employers
30th Income Tax Act Last date for issuance of TCS/TDS certificate to deductees for the quarter ended on 31st March Form 27D/16A All Collectors/Deductors
30th GVAT Last date for filing GVAT return for the month of April 201 A/B/C
31st Income Tax Act Last date for issuance of TDS certificate to employees for the year ended on 31st March Form 16 All employers who deduct TDS from salary
31st Income Tax Act Last date for application for PAN if the
a) Income exceeds taxable limit
b) Turnover more than Rs. 5 lacs
c) Charitable trust wanting to submit return
- As given in 3rdColumn
Note:1 Payment of dividend distribution Tax to be made within 14 days from declaration or distribution or payment of dividend whichever is earlier.