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Factory licence acts as a document of approval given by authorities for factory setup and carry out manufacturing activities. As per factory act 1948, any factory must have to obtain factory licence if 10 or more workers are involved in manufacturing activity with the aid of power or 20 or more workers are involved in manufacturing activity without aid of power on any day of the preceding 12months. Factory licence consultants in Ahmedabad has expert legal advisors who can assist you to get your license.

Trustworthy factory license consultant in Ahmedabad

Factory act also ensure the safety and welfare of the workers. Factory licence is important to ensuring safety and absence of risks to health in connection with the use, handling, storage and transport of article and substances. Factory licence consultant in Bavla, Sarkhej have years of experience in offering the best possible services to customers. We will help you and guide you about procedure of obtaining factory license and documents required for registration. Factory licence consultant in Chiloda, Kadi is one of the top listed and trustworthy factory license consultants in Ahmedabad.