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There are many rules, regulations and procedures that have to be followed in order to finance the project of any company. Some of the most common methods and/or options of project financing are:

  • Off-Take Agreement: Off-Take Agreement is generally dealt by the buyer of a resource and the producer of a resource. It helps both the parties to sell and/or purchase specific portions of the production, which the producer would manufacture in future. In most cases, an Off-Take Agreement is signed before the construction of a particular facility takes place. For Example: A mining business where the off-take agreement helps in securing the market that would in turn help with the future output for the entire facility.
  • Construction Financing/Loan: ‘Construction Finance’ is sometimes also termed as ‘Construction Loan’. So, do not get confused with both the terms. It’s one and the same thing. These types of loans help an individual or company in constructing a home, office or for initiating a real estate project. Generally it’s short term project finance. In some cases, the builder finances the loan; whereas in other cases, the home owner finances the loan to the builder; in form of an advance

There are numerous other methods and/or options for getting the finance. However, the primary purpose of availing finance should be initiation of a company’s project. We at PSD Advisory Service assist our clients with multiple options by connecting our clients to the right person, company or government department. Some people have a misunderstanding that Project Finance is available only for large industrial or infrastructure related projects. Many people also presume that it’s the option only for MNC’s. That’s not a truth. There are various options depending on the type of company and size of company. Finance is available in the markets for all types of companies regardless of whether it’s small scale, medium scale or large scale. So, there is nothing to get confused or worry about. Our expert consultants and team of specialists are there to help you out with all your requirements. All you need to do is get in touch with our team as soon as possible. We will help you in making path for finance to arrive at your destination.

Apart from this, the project financing process requires a lot of paper work. It may not be easy for a person from non-commerce background to arrange the paper work in proper format, manner and sequence. But for us, it’s a matter of few hours/days/weeks depending on type and size of project. Legal issues have to be properly covered while financing money for projects in order to avoid any future losses. So, all you have to do is connect with us, submit your requirements, drop the required paper work at our office and wait with a relaxed mind till your project finance gets approval.

Again, there are different types of project finance options. One is secured project finance and other is unsecured project finance. It’s important to understand the difference between both. Securing finance blindly without sufficient knowledge may be harmful to your business in future. Never take any decisions in hurry, as that would too harm your company. To know more about various types of project financing options, we request you to kindly get in touch with one of our specialist. They shall feel glad in assisting you with the correct option, depending on your requirements. Our team needs to understand your requirement(s) properly, prior to delivery of most result-oriented assistance.